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Deanna, is an International artist, born and raised in Canada, and currently resides in Berlin, Germany. Deanna has been performing her whole life, starting with her first love of figure skating at the age of 4. From a very young age she has been passionate about a creative lifestyle and movement expression. Deanna performed her first solo figure skating competition at the age of 5, and competed in North America for the majority of her childhood and teenage years. As much as figure skating took a huge part of her growing up, she also performed in various theatres productions.
Deanna then fell in love with circus arts in 2012 and has been performing every since. She is a versatile performer, performing multi disciplines in the air and on the ground. Disciplines include hair suspension, self-suspension Shibari, aerial silks, aerial loops, aerial hammock, aerial straps, lyra, aerial chains, Spanish web, lolipop lyra, dancing on broken glass and burlesque acts.

During her career of aerial performing she starting coaching her knowledge to others. She worked at various circus schools and gained experience working with TCSA for Norwegian cruise-line aerial coaching. Deanna is also a Registered Yoga Instructor and has brought her yoga teachings to many Yoga festivals.

In 2018 Deanna started running her own entertainment events and artistic directing aerial entertainment for multiple companies. Then in 2020 she opened an aerial studio in Windsor, Ontario Canada where she coached performance art and aerial disciplines.

Although coaching and directing became a huge part of her career, outside of her aerial performances, she was then being contracted to bring her unique skills and performance art to Europe. In 2022, she moved to Berlin, Germany, to take her art and career further.

Deanna performs a wide range of disciplines but specializes in Hair Suspension bringing a unique take on this ancient traditional art form. She is an avant-garde performer always pushing the boundaries of the human body and enjoys performing acts people have never seen before.

She has performed for world renowned companies such as Torture Garden, German Fetish Ball,
The Box, Wasteland, Lexus Canada, Revlon, Boheme Sauvage, Vaudeville Varety Show on iconic stages such as Wintergarten Berlin, London Music Hall, Elgin and Winter Garden Theater, Liberty Grand Toronto, Metropolis Berlin, Movie Park Germany, Brookfield Place Toronto and more. She has been featured for her work in magazines, music videos, billboards and art galleries.

While suspending, swinging, contorting and dropping from her aerial apparatus or her very own hair, she brings beauty, suspense and raw dark elegance to every show.

“I love entertaining people and giving them something they’ve never seen before.” - The Deanna

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