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Hair Suspension, also known as, Hair Hanging, is an aerial circus act where one suspends by their hair with a pulley above, while performing acrobatic poses, twists and spins. There is very little known about the history of hair hanging, but most believe it originated with Chinese performers in the early 1900s. Only those that learned the art were born into a family who performed it. There are not many in the world who perform this traditional circus art, defiantly leaving the audience with a “wow factor” and entertainment they have never seen before.

The Deanna is a globetrotting performance artist extraordinaire. She is known for her unique take on aerial arts, specialising in Hair Suspension. With her world class femme fatale attitude and theatrical aesthetics, she has a truly unique style, leaving her audiences in awe. With deep contortions and rapid spins suspended only by her hair, The Deanna brings beauty, suspense and raw dark elegance to every show.

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