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Performance Art Exhibition

Date: April 13th 2023
Location: Untergeschoss der Pandora Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany
With 'Pain Project' Exhibition 2023

This was a performance art piece created and performed by The Deanna. This art piece included performance art with paint, Butoh Dance, Hair Suspension and Self-Suspension Shibari elements. The act represents the display of internal sacrifice feasting on all that consumes her. 

The act started out with Deanna in a frame structure wrapped in transparent plastic wrap, this visual in the art exhibition represented a cocoon matrix. It lead into her violently painting the inside of this cocoon with black paint, where the viewers could witness the paint streaks on the outside of the transparent paper and shadows of her body movement while being on the inside of the cocoon. The black paint represents her pain, chaos and traumas. The break through from the cocoon then leads into the exhumation of the spirit. She then displayed movement with Butoh dance elements all while painting her body with black paint. She moves into Self Suspension Shibari elements and then combining both Self Suspension Shibari with Hair Suspension. The final of the act she only Suspending by her Hair. Deanna suspends in a trance form between the Spirit and the Shadow. Displaying a need to find light in the shadowy pathways of life. This act showcases the internal sacrifice feasting on all that consumes her, in which she perform as the this spirit exhumed from the human form. 


-Darkness pouring out of me
like a shadowy pathway finding light, 
needing light to release 
my pain 
my chaos 
my unearthly blackened core 

This is my internal sacrifice feasting on all that
consumes me 
this is freedom by the 


An Art Film displayed at Untergeschoss der Pandora Art Gallery, Berlin Germany for the Veil of Torment Exhibition.

When Two Shadows Dance

Shibari Performance at Seibert Collection in Berlin Germany

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